Lambrusco Reggiano 1915 "Donelli"

Intense ruby red colour, the foam is fine and evanescent. Slightly sweet and of good freshness, it is perfectly balanced and elegant. The red fruit flavor is exalted by a pleasant tannin.

75cl 20

Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro Vigneto Cialdini "Cleto Chiarli"

Deep color that heralds intense but never excessive aromas. It combines softness and austerity, perfectly describing its territory. Passionate. Traditional pressing with maceration for 36 hours at 10°-12° C. Transfer of the must and refrigeration. Slow fermentation (prise de mousse) in “cuve cerra”.

75cl 25

Lambrusco di Sorbara Vecchia Modena "Cleto Chiarli"

Intense pink in color, well-defined aromas of strawberry and undergrowth. Versatile for all types of pairing, although recommended with cheeses and sausages. Light maceration, transfer of the must and refrigeration. Slow fermentation (prise de mousse) in “cuve close”.

75cl 26


Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore di Cartizze DOCG "Casa Canavel"

Cartizze is the precious expression of the hill of the same name in the heart of Valdobbiadene. The sweet and silky wine is characterized by notes of rose, wisteria and peach.

75cl 48

Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG Campofalco "Casa Canavel"

Precious cross of the Monfalcone vineyard managed organically by: altitude of 300-400 m, extreme mountain slope and perfect exposure. Foamy wine with an explosive floral strength, elegant and naturally suave thanks to the use of a wide charmat method. A la vista Brilliant pajizo amarillo color with fine and persistent perlaje. Olor intense aromas of white flowers and fruits such as green apple. In the mouth the foam is alive and pleasant and the acidity is refreshing. Excellent persistent finish.

75cl 33

Prosecco DOC Rosé Millesimato "Biscardo"

Prosecco rosé with an intense aroma and aromatio, with notes of red currant, wild strawberry and rose petals. On the palate it is soft, velvety, with a harmonious and aromatic aftertaste. Pretty dry at the end.

75cl 22

Prosecco DOC Extra Dry "Antonutti"

Brilliant straw yellow color Smells of golden apple, wisteria blossoms, acacia, ripe citrus and crisp peach. Captivating, effervescent and persistent sensations stand out in the mouth.

75cl 21


Moscato d'Asti DOCG "Il Falchetto"

Straw yellow color, floral aromas and fresh fruit, citrus and sage. Light wineeffervescent, sweet and balanced in the mouth, thanks to excellent acidity and flavor.

75cl 25

Moscato Fermo IGT Trevenezie "Bottega"

Intense yellow color with golden notes. Broad and characteristic aroma, dominated by fruity notes of apricot, white peach, citrus and exotic fruit. On the palate it is sweet and refined, with an intense and persistent aroma that recalls the olfactory notes.

15cl. 4 / 75cl. 22

Metodo Classico

Trento DOC Brut "Cesarini Sforza"

Chardonnay grapes are grown on proper vineyard hills overlooking the capital of Trentino. Vinified in steel and, after the draft, the aging begins on lees for 24 months.

75cl. 48

Lombardy sparkling wines

Sangue Di Giuda Dell'Otrepò Pavese DOC

Dark purple in color with violet reflections. On the nose, intense aromas of strawberry, blackcurrant and cherry, accompanied by a note of violet. On the palate it is pleasantly sweet and fresh, soft with a moderate alcohol content.

75cl 25

Bonarda Dell'Otrepò Pavese DOC

Bright ruby red color with purplish reflections. An explosion of fruit, especially cherry and cherry, accompanied by delicate notes of violet. Full-bodied wine, intense, sweet, balanced by a fresh acidity and a pleasant bubble.

75cl. 25

Refermented in bottle

L'Ambizioso "Poggio Delle Grazie"

Pink color with orange reflections. Fine and persistent perlage. Fruity on the nose with aromas of mandarin and peach. On the tasty and enveloping palate, sweet sensations accompany the mineral note.

75cl. 22

Sottoriva Col Fondo Agricolo "Malibran"

Fine bubble. Straw yellow color. Intense and complex aroma. It presents notes of ripe fruit, bread crust and yeast. In the mouth, generally dry, firm and harmonious.

75cl. 24

Anabla "Tre Monti"

A second fermentation in the bottle for this ancestral one, but linked to the regional tradition of sparkling wine. It’s good to call it a classic method… halfway. Intense straw yellow color, slightly covered. Characteristic aroma, reminiscent of Albana grapes, yeast is clearly recognizable. Fresh and fruity on the palate, lively and bubbly with a final feeling of cleanliness.

75cl. 23

Nico's Cru

Quarz "Terlan"

75cl 80

Lunare 2016 "Terlan"

75cl 65


Etna Bianco "Tenuta delle Terre Nere"

Coupage of native Etna vines: 70% Carricante, 20% Catarratto, 5% Grecanico, 5% Inzolia. Intense straw yellow appearance. Clearly floral aroma of white flowers and lime. Fresh and tasty flavor, with a marked mineral note.

15cl. 7,5 / 75cl. 34


Madia Incastro Bianco "Torre Zambra"

On the nose it is fruity and clean, with aromas of small white flowers and a slight hint of bitter almond. On the palate it is fresh and perfectly balanced, with notes of citrus and exotic fruits.

75cl. 23


Il Pumo Malvasia Sauvignon "San Marzano"

Pale yellow, almost transparent in color and soft and complex aromas with subtle notes of white fruit, peach and lychee.

15cl. 4 / 75cl. 18

Malvasia Bianca del Salento "Varvaglione"

Golden color with yellow hues. On the nose it is intense, aromatic and fruity. On the palate it stands out for its fresh vivacity and balance. It is structured, harmonious and persistent with a delicate flavor.

15cl. 5 / 75cl. 22

Edda "San Marzano"

Straw yellow color with golden reflections; a bouquet with soft floral aromas, peach and then delicate aromas of vanilla permeate the nose. On the palate it is opulent in its elegance, fresh, delicate and mineral.

15cl. 6,5 / 75cl. 28


Custoza DOC "Poggio delle Grazie"

Straw yellow color with greenish reflections. On the nose notes of white flowers mixed with hints of aromatic herbs, mint and nettles. On the palate it is tasty and enveloping, dry but without harshness.

15cl. 4,5 / 75cl. 22


Lighea "Donnafugata"

On the nose it offers a rich and fragrant bouquet where the typical notes of orange blossom are mixed with hints of citrus (cedar and bergamot) and exotic fruits (lychee).

75cl. 30

Alto Adige

K White "Kaltern"

Light yellow with green reflections. Fruity aromas with hints of apricot, pineapple and elderflower. Fresh and intense with a creamy aftertaste.

75cl. 23

Müller Thurgau "Kaltern"

Delicate aroma with spicy notes of sage and thyme that blend with notes of white peach. On the palate it is fruity and fresh.

15cl. 5,5 / 75cl. 24

Pinot Grigio "Terlan"

Brilliant straw yellow colour. The bouquet of this Pinot Grigio is stimulating and fruity, with notes reminiscent of Williams pear, lici and white melon, flanked by floral aromas that suggest a freshly cut flowery meadow.

15cl. 7 / 75cl 30

Winkl Sauvignon Blanc "Terlan"

Tasty, slightly fruity and mineral wine, which has been vinified purely since 1956. Fermentación lenta a temperatura controlada en depósitos de acero inoxidable. Aged for 7-8 months on fine lees, partly in stainless steel barrels (80%) and partly in large wooden barrels (20%).

15cl. 8,50 / 75cl 40

Vorbeg Pinot Bianco 2020 "Terlan"

Brilliant straw yellow color with greenish reflections. The combination of fruity, aromatic and salty taste components is repeated on the palate. Slow fermentation at a controlled temperature in large oak barrels (70 and 30 hl). Malolactic fermentation and aging for 12 months on fine lees in traditional wooden barrels.

15cl. 11 / 75cl. 52

Gewuztraminer "Terlan"

This grape variety, which takes its name from the wine-growing village of Termeno in Bassa Atesina, is the cornerstone of the variety of white wines produced in South Tyrol. Fermentación lenta a temperatura controlada en depósitos de acero inoxidable. Aged for 6-7 months on lees in steel tanks.

15cl. 7,5 / 75cl. 34


Vernaccia Di San Gimignano DOCG "Colombaio di Santa Chiara"

Straw yellow color with greenish reflections. On the nose it is clear with aromas of white fruit, apple, lime, lily of the valley and lemon thyme. On the palate it is tense, vibrant and fresh characterized by an incisive sapidity. Gentle pressing of the whole grape. Fermentation at controlled temperature in concrete and stainless steel tanks on noble lees until early March.

75cl. 28

Vernaccia Di San Gimignano DOCG Riserva "Colombaio di Santa Chiara"

The nose is enveloping with notes of apricot, well harmonized with the balsamic component due to the balanced aging in wood. On the palate it shows a great structure, supported by a vibrant and lively acidity. Fermentation at controlled temperature with native yeasts in oak barrels. Aged for 12 months in 70% oak and 30% concrete barrels, and once assembled it remains for 8 months in concrete and 12 months in the bottle.

15cl. 9 / 75cl. 41


Luzano Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC "Marotti Campi"

Straw yellow color with greenish reflections. Aromas of acacia, broom, wild flowers and chamomile with typical notes of bitter almond. Dry, tasty, mineral, with fruity notes of green apple and a pleasantly nutty finish. Aged for 6 months in steel tanks and 3 in the bottle.

15cl. 5 / 75cl. 22


Gavi DOCG Di Gavi "La Giustiniana"

Subtle and persistent aroma with the smell of green apple, fairly acid flavor with a hazelnut finish.

15cl. 6 / 75cl. 26

Roero Arneis "Giovanni Rosso"

Giovanni Rosso signs this representative white from the Roero area. Fruity white but with sufficient acidity, with a pleasant mid palate and a good balance in which the character of the white Arneis grape is expressed.

15cl. 6,50 / 75cl. 28


Rosapasso "Biscardo"

Characterized by a bright pink color, along with its particular fruity smell with elegant hints of wild strawberries and cherry. On the palate we will find it very tasty, soft and harmonious. With a pleasantly bitter base.

15cl. 5,5 / 75cl. 24


Rosa del Rosa "Propietà Sperino"

One of the first rosés from Upper Piedmont was born as a vintage choice of grapes from areas that, due to the problems of an extreme wine-growing area (hail, cold, etc.) have not reached the perfect ripeness for reds. , but they are ideal for expressing the aromaticity, freshness and flavor of a great rosé. Belt selection, destemming and soft pressing; filling of the vats by gravity. Maceration for 8 hours with the skins. 5 months “sur lié”

15cl. 7,5 / 75cl. 34


Tramari "San Marzano"

On the palate our flowers and a salty note that transports you to the jagged and sandy coast. Soft pink, hints of cherry and raspberry.

15cl. 5,5 / 75cl. 24

Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Pinot Grigio Ramato "Antonutti"

The varietal aromas of white fruit, spices and acacia honey invite a soft and drinkable sip.

75cl. 23


Colli Della Toscana Centrale "Monteraponi"

An intense and bright rosé with notes of strawberry and raspberry. Sangiovese gives high notes of acidity and freshness, also guaranteeing durability and longevity, rare characteristics for a rosé.

15cl. 7,5 / 75cl. 34


Cannonau Rosada "Dolia Nova"

Delicate and elegant bouquet with notes of cherry and strawberry. On the palate it is fine, fruity but with good structure and persistence.

15cl. 5,5 / 75cl. 24

Nico's Cru

Sassicaia 2020 "Tenuta San Guido"

75cl. 320

Taurasi Riserva 2014 della Societá "Joaquin"

75cl. 150

Etna Rosso 2020 Prephylloxera -La Vigna di Don Peppino- Calderara Sottana "Tenuta delle Terre Nere"

75cl. 180

Amarone della Valpolicella 2013 Campolongo di Torbe "Masi"

75cl. 250

Brunello di Montalcino 2015 Filo di Seta "Castello Romitorio"

75cl. 160

Barbaresco Riserva 2007 Quindicianni "Cascina Baricchi"

75cl. 190

Il Caberlot "Podere Il Carnasciale"

150cl. 350

Le Difese "Tenuta San Guido"

150cl. 55


Il Pumo Primitivo "San Marzano"

Very intense ruby red color with violet reflections; Complex aroma, with notes of plum and cherry, hints of rosemary and light spice. Wine with body, soft and harmonious, easy to drink and pleasant

15cl. 4 / 75cl. 18

Salice Salentino "Varvaglione"

Intense red color Intense fruity notes and hints of cocoa, vanilla and coffee. On the palate it is harmonious, balanced and elegant, with a long spicy and fruity aftertaste. Vinification with maceration at a controlled temperature of 26°-28°C. After malolactic fermentation, aging in French and American barrels for at least 10 months.

15cl. 6 / 75cl. 27

Taló Primitivo Di Manduria "San Marzano"

From grapes grown not far from the sea, a full-bodied red where mineral and balsamic notes are perceived, as well as the elegance of the tannin and the explosion of fragrant red fruits, typical of the best-known Apulian variety in the world. Aging in French and American oak barrels for 6 months

15cl. 5,50 / 75cl. 24

Sessantanni "San Marzano"

Broad and complex aroma, fruity with notes of plums, cherry jam to which are added a slight spice and tobacco notes.

15cl. 9,50 / 75cl. 44

Anniversario 62 "San Marzano"

Broad and complex on the nose, fruity with notes of plums, cherry jam and notes of tobacco, slightly spicy.

15cl. 10 / 75cl. 46

Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Refosco Del Pedunculo Rosso "Piera"

Fruity aroma, typical notes of raspberry and blueberry with herbaceous and spicy nuances. Hints of jam with nuances of leather.

15cl. 4 / 75cl. 20

Poppone Antonutti "Antonutti"

Ruby red colour. Notes of small ripe red fruit on the nose. Sweetly sweet with pleasant freshness.

15cl. 8,50 / 75cl. 38


Bardolino DOC "Poggio delle Grazie"

Light ruby red color with violet reflections. On the nose, the spices are mixed with red fruits such as strawberry or raspberry. Medium structure and persistent on the palate, the aromatic notes of fruit well linked to a very elegant tannin evolution. Hints of licorice and pepper.

15cl. 4,5 / 75cl. 22

Falconera "Loredan Gasparini"

La Falconera is uniquely beautiful, where the classical style of a splendid 18th century Palladian villa acts as the setting for the wonderful Merlot vineyards. In fact, the wine is a classic Merlot from the Venegazzù area, aged in large oak barrels, which allow it to maintain good freshness and fruit that is never dominated by wood.

15cl. 6,5 / 75cl. 28

Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Classico Superiore "Campagnola"

Delicate and ethereal fragrance, with flavors of jam and fresh fruit. Dry, harmonious, smooth flavor with a typical bitter aftertaste.

15cl. 5,50 / 75cl. 24

Valpolicella Classico DOC "Ca' La Bionda"

This Valpolicella is vinified in steel tanks, at a controlled temperature (max. 25 °C). The maceration lasts about 7 days and is aged for about 5 months. This Valpolicella presents itself on the nose with hints of fresh fruit and floral notes of violet. Elegant, light with extraordinary freshness and drinkability.

15cl. 7 / 75cl. 31

Amarone Della Valpolicella DOCG Punta 470 "Ca' Rugate"

Intense garnet red colour. Aromas of small red fruits, blackberry, currant and cherry, well married with spicy notes from aging in wood. On the palate it is complex, well balanced, full-bodied, with precise touches of raisins. After drying for 4-5 months in a dovecote where the dehydrated grapes concentrate their sugary and phenolic substances, the grapes are pressed the winter following the harvest. The must obtained completes the fermentation and is aged in 500-liter oak barrels for about 25/30 months.

15cl. 15 / 75cl. 71


Barbaresco DOCG "Roccalini"

It is a medium-bodied red wine with a structured body that opens in the mouth full of light and acidity, with delicate fruit that is intense and juicy at the same time.

15cl. 13 / 75cl. 61

Nebbiolo Langhe DOC "Principiano"

Soft ruby red. Vinous and particularly fruity on the nose, it already shows on the nose that it is a young and lively wine. Disruptive on the palate, but still elegant, it is juicy and easy to drink, with a slight balsamic touch that enhances the finish.

15cl. 7,5 / 75cl. 33

Arte Langhe Rosso DOC "Domenico Clerico"

Intense ruby red, with violet reflections in the glass. Black cherries and overripe red berries open the bouquet, which then continues with tones of tobacco, chocolate and spices. Nebbiolo and Barbera are vinified separately to obtain the maximum expression of both varieties. Aged in French barrels for 12 months, finally assembled before bottling.

15cl. 10,5 / 75cl. 49

Umberta "Iuli"

At sight, a bright ruby red color. The nose is expressed in aromas of red fruits (raspberry and blackberry) and violets. On the palate, it develops on a pleasant acid palette and lively tannins. Of notable drinkability and great harmony, it closes enveloping the mouth in persistent fruity notes.

15cl. 5,5 / 75cl. 24

Barbera D'Alba DOC Zio Nando "Rivetto".

Fresh and bland aroma with crunchy cherries and plums. Soft tannins and fresh acidity fill the mouth with cream and crunchy plum.

15cl. 9 / 75cl. 42

Barolo DOCG 2018 "Domenico Clerico"

It is presented with a garnet red color and a pleasant aroma of red fruits, licorice, cocoa and balsamic touches that refer to dry leaves and forest resin.

15cl. 14 / 75cl. 65


Montepulciano D'Abruzzo DOC "Torre Zambra"

Fruity aroma with notes of black cherry and small ripe red fruits. On the palate it is harmonious, full and smooth. Good body and persistence.

75cl. 23

Cinque Autoctoni "Fantini"

e revelan aromas intensos y persistentes, con notas frutales de mora y cereza, hierbas aromáticas, canela, clavo, cacao, regaliz y un intrigante toque mineral.

15cl. 9,50 / 75cl. 46

Alto Adige

Pinot Nero "Elena Watch"

It is characterized by the aromas of red fruits, cherries and raspberries and a spicy note of white pepper in the background. On the palate it convinces with its strong structure and attractive taste, thanks to its delicate tannins, spicy aroma and a fresh finish.

15cl. 7 / 75cl. 32


Nero D'Avola DOC "Vigneti Zabu"

Full ruby colour. Good intensity, fruity notes of plum, red flowers, balanced, warm.

Etna Rosso Ciauría "Pietro Caciorgna"

Words from the producer “In the 2009 harvest I began to produce a simpler Etna Rosso, which aims to be an everyday wine, to be enjoyed every day, and which every day brings us back to the aromas and flavors of the Nerello Mascalese that grows on the slopes from Etna. A wine that, as they say in Sicily, “Ciaurìa” from Etna. A wine that impresses with its captivating but not banal simplicity. A magic that only occurs when an extraordinary grape variety is found in a unique territory.”

15cl. 7 / 75cl. 32

Secondo "Castello Solicchiata"

On the nose, the active mineral earth of the great volcano from which it comes boils, fascinates by the intensity it expresses and sensations of fruit in alcohol and candied fruit, slightly withered aromatic herbs, woody spices and balsamic licorice are felt.

15cl. 8 / 75cl. 35

"Castello Solicchiata"

In the mouth it denotes important structure and body, with a dense and silky tannic texture, complexity and richness of aromas, refined tertiary evolutions, a finish of great expressive harmony and good freshness.

15cl. 11 / 75cl. 52


Chianti Classico DOCG "Montecchio"

Fine and persistent aroma. On the palate it is intense and persistent.

15cl. 6 / 75cl. 25

Unlitro "Ampeleia"

Unlitro was born in the youngest vineyards near the sea, from a blend of Alicante, Carignano, Mourvèdre, Sangiovese and Alicante Bouschet grapes. It testifies to the desire to express the territory in a lighter and more immediate way, without losing its character. Aged for 6 months in cement tanks with 2-3 days of maceration with the skins.

15cl. 5,5 / 75cl. 29

Hebo "Petra"

On the nose it reveals fresh notes of black cherries, violets, blueberries, peonies, mineral touches and nuances of Mediterranean scrub.

15cl. 7 / 75cl. 30

Rosso Di Montalcino DOC "Collosorbo"

Pure Sangiovese with fruity aromas, remarkable structure and persistence. An elegant and versatile wine.

15cl. 7 / 75cl. 32

Brunello Di Montalcino DOCG "Col D'Orcia"

On the nose it has intense and complex aromas that refer to small ripe red fruits and plum jam, then leaves room for notes of toast and vanilla. Wine with excellent structure, full-bodied, complete and balanced.

15cl. 13 / 75cl. 62


Lacrima Di Morro D'Alba DOC Rubico "Marotti Campo"

Floral sensations of violet and pink and notes of Mediterranean spices, fruits of the forest make up a delicate and very characteristic bouquet.

15cl. 5 / 75cl. 21

Lacrima Di Morro D'Alba DOC Orgiolo "Marotti Campo"

Intense ruby red color with violet reflections. Characteristic aromas of rose, blackberry, pink pepper and juniper berries with an elegant touch of oriental spices. Fruity and spicy on the palate, with soft and persistent tannins with a clean finish. Vinification soft pressing, maceration in contact with the skins for 10-14 days, fermentation in steel tanks at 18°. Aged for 12 months in small used French oak barrels and 6 months in the bottle.

15cl. 7 / 75cl. 31


Aglianico del Vulture DOC "Pipoli"

Intense red in color with violet reflections, the nose expresses a strong aromatic integrity in which notes of cherry and morel combined with spicy and vanilla notes are evident.

15cl. 5 / 75cl. 21


Cannonau Blasio "Dolia Nova"

Intense and persistent aroma, ethereal, vinous, with balsamic notes and hints of forest fruits. On the palate it is full, round and juicy.

15cl. 6,50 / 75cl. 28

Oltreluna "Pala"

Sardinian native variety: Monica. Intense ruby color with a slightly violet rim, very light. Intense and persistent nose with a moderate concentration of vegetal and spicy notes from which a slight hint of liquorice emerges. Dry and soft flavor, pleasantly fresh, balanced and harmonious with good persistence on the nose.

15cl. 6 / 75cl. 25


Piuttosto "Tre Monti"

Trebbiano grape of bright golden yellow color with a tendency to young amber. The perfume opens with elegant hints of yellow peach and papaya, enriched with notes of honey. Soft and pleasant attack, fresh and full.

75cl. 33



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