La Famiglia Ramazzotto dal 1890

Federico and Nicolò were born into a family where hospitality has been their way of life for more than 150 years. A family dedicated to true Italian cuisine where the Made in Italy product has been its maxim for all these years.

Their first restaurant opens in Italy and since then they have not stopped adding to the know-how of the kitchen. It is for this reason that Federico and Nicolò take the quality of the products that are cooked in the restaurant so seriously. Selecting only the highest quality and always Italian. The Ramazzotti family are true Italians.

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Niccoló Ramazzotto, his passion has led him to become one of the youngest wine experts in all of Spain and of course in Málaga. To do this, he traveled very young, he went to France where he enrolled in a prestigious oenology school and began to study everything related to viticulture, winemaking and tasting. At the end of his studies, Niccoló went to live in Malaga bringing with him extensive knowledge and experience in the world of wine, dedicating himself from that moment to sharing his passion and creating oenological experiences with clients in his Italian restaurant in Fuengirola.

His ability to identify specific notes and flavors allows him to recommend the right wines for a perfect pairing of each of the dishes prepared by his father and Chef Federico Ramazzotto.


Federico is a chef who is passionate about authentic Italian cuisine and each dish is a tribute to the history and gastronomic culture of Italy. In addition, Fede has the soul of a showman, you will discover it in each of your visits.

Defender, guardian and conservator of traditional Italian cuisine, for whom the fusion or inclusion in his authentic Italian recipes, with other ingredients than those established in the traditional canons, comes to consider it a real sin.

As a great connoisseur of authentic Italian gastronomy, he carries out daily pedagogical work, showing his clients the true essence and flavor of authentic Italian food.

Likewise, he guards family recipes with suspicion, those from Cocina della Nonna.

In summary Federico Ramazzotto is a true defender of traditional Italian cuisine and Trattoria Tutto Bene is a place where lovers of the “Bel Paese” can enjoy authentic dishes that evoke its true essence.


The Ramazzottos began their idyll with the hotel business back in 1890 in their native Italy, creating their first trattoria as a way of life, although very soon after they realized that this was just an excuse for their true objective, which was that everyone could enjoy of authentic Italian cuisine. But what they could not imagine is that they were going to create a family saga of Italians that has been cooking traditional Italian recipes for five generations now, with the same objective as in 1890, the enjoyment of their customers. This genetic inheritance came to Spain from Federico and Nicolò, both genius and figure, and they added one more objective, to make you a true Italian while you eat at their trattoria. That is why they founded Tutto Bene in Spain more than 10 years ago, and all those who visit them are not indifferent to such an authentic experience, in which many already consider it the best Italian trattoria in Fuengirola or the best Italian trattoria in Malaga.

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Now at Tutto Bene we offer the best gluten-free Italian cuisine.

At our trattoria, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine, regardless of their dietary needs. That’s why we strive to offer a wide variety of authentic Italian dishes that are gluten-free.

We also have lactose-free and vegan options for those looking for a different culinary experience.




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